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Infinity Providing Scaffold for Masonry Repairs at Sanford Medical Center in Bemidji
July 2016
Infinity will provide access to three different elevations of the building to repair damage to the brick façade, and also will provide a wirelessly operated drum hoist capable of lifting up to 2,000 lbs. to bring materials up, and debris chutes to get the demolition debris out. While far from the largest frame scaffold project we’ve tackled, more than 350 scaffold frames and 400 hook plank will be utilized on site.

Infinity Adds to its Team Again
June 2016
Infinity Scaffold is proud to announce the creation of a new position within the firm, an account executive in charge of in-house sales. Put quite simply, we’ve grown to the point where the administrators of the company can no longer provide the level of service that our most loyal customers, along with out-state and out-of-state contractors deserve. The insertion of Shaun Schwaab into this role will ensure that these important customers will get the full attention that they warrant, from an incredibly capable and dedicated representative.

“The very idea of handing these accounts to the care of anyone other than myself and our office manager was very frightening indeed, as the companies in play are a huge reason why Infinity has become the successful firm we are today. But once we identified Shaun as the person for the job, I couldn’t be more comfortable with our decision to create this position. Shaun will represent our company in the way we need, and provide the level of service our customers expect and deserve. This will also allow me to focus on the continued growth and development of the corporation as we enter the next phase of our growth,” said Russ Byers, President of Infinity Scaffold.

Boldt Leans on Infinity for Swing Stages and Material Hoisting at St Olaf College
May 2016
The project management team for the renovation of Larson Hall at St Olaf College approached Infinity Scaffold to provide access and material hoisting on site in order to meet a very tight construction timeline. The entire building will be renovated over one Summer break, which meant they needed to access the entire exterior of the building at once for the demolition and replacement of the window system. In total, ten swing stages will be installed at one time on the building, many of which will be multi-point suspended with adjustable corners on them to access the irregularly shaped building. Coupled with each swing stage will be a material hoist that will be used both for removal of debris and bringing the new window system to elevation. A full-height material loading scaffold will also be installed on one corner of the building so material can be craned in and out of the building as well.

Versacon Chooses Infinity for Restoration of the Minneapolis City Hall Clock Tower
March 2016
Infinity Scaffold will provide access to what is said to be the largest chiming clock in the world — 20 feet taller than London’s Big Ben and with larger clock faces as well — so the clock faces can be removed, restored, and reinstalled. Primary access to the clock room and bell tower is via a two-man elevator, that only comfortably fits one, so ISI designed and rigged a wirelessly controlled material hoisting system for both our personnel to use and the customer as well once the access is complete. A swing stage with a porch kit will be utilized to access the clock faces, overhead protection will be installed on the sidewalks below, and rolling scaffolds will be built inside the clock room for access to the clock workings.

Infinity to Provide Access and Fall Protection at Holy Rosary Church in South Minneapolis
November 2015
John A Dalsin and Son has selected Infinity Scaffold to provide safe access while they put a new roof on this historic church building in South Minneapolis. The project brings challenge, including a fully engineered scaffold 160’ tall to access the roof of the main steeple and another 95’ high on the second steeple. The towers will have a track-based material hoisting system to get materials up to the heights in play, and ISI will install roofline fall protection and access along the eaves of the main building’s roof.

Infinity Scaffold to Unique Access at LaQuinta Inns Bloomington
August 2015
Olympic Companies will be performing repair to the failed exterior façade, and need to solve one persistent problem — a lower flat roof beneath the wall needing repair because it could not support the weight of the scaffold, and shoring the roof from below was not an option due to project constraints. Infinity devised a plan that will consist of extending steel beams from the 3rd level of the hotel outward, and building the scaffold up from there. In order to do so, the beams in some areas will be attached to structural steel, and in other they will be compressed to the structure. All of this will allow a fully enclosed scaffold that will be 25’ wide, 125’ tall, and will have every level of the scaffold fully decked and guard railed, to be based on these massive cantilevered beams. Infinity will also be working for other trades on site, adding three swing stages and a large area platform over the pool area.

Infinity Continues to Add Capability
June 2015
Infinity has added a third full-time commercial truck driver to our staff, in order to ensure that we’re able to keep pace with our growth. Matt Beaman has joined the company, and brings with him 10 years of total commercial driving experience in the Twin Cities construction market.

Infinity Continues to Add Capability
June 2015
Infinity has added an additional truck to its fleet with the purchase of a new 2015 Western Star rig with a 26’ flatbed and a new Princeton PiggyBack forklift. “With this addition, we not only can keep pace with our growth, but having an additional truck with an on-board forklift allows us to be even more competitive when bidding work compared to having to factor in unloading massive amounts of equipment from the truck by hand,” said Russ Byers, President of Infinity Scaffold.

Harris Companies Selects Infinity for Access at the Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium
March 2015
Infinity has had a long-standing relationship with Harris Companies when they’ve needed access solutions over the years, and we’ve now been brought with them to the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. Harris will need extensive scaffold throughout the project, but the largest part our work with them will be to provide access above the upper level of seating throughout the stadium for hoisting and installation of the massive ductwork needed for the climate control system for the building.

Infinity Continues to Add Capability
March 2015
Infinity has added additional capability to its estimating and project management team, by bringing industry veteran Brad Such on board. Brad brings 20+ years of scaffold estimating and field management to our team, and we couldn’t be more proud to bring him into the fold. The creation of this new position will allow us to continue to provide our customers with accurate quotes in a timely manner, and will ensure that our projects will continue to be delivered to our customers at the level of safety and quality they have come to expect from Infinity Scaffold.

Infinity Continues to Add Capability
September 2014
Infinity has created a new position within the organization, and added Randy Pearson as its new Warehouse Manager. Randy brings more than 20 years of warehouse, inventory and personnel management experience. Randy will be assigned to keep things running smoothly on the fulfillment side of our business while we continue to add more fulfillment staff, warehouse and yard space, and equipment to our rental inventory.

Frana Selects Fixeo Mast Climbing Platforms for Exterior Access at WaHu Apartments
July 2014
The construction of this apartment building near the University of Minnesota campus presents unique challenges, as it is one of the tightest job sites you’ll ever see. To provide safe, fast and efficient access to the exterior walls for installation of siding and windows Frana recognized the benefit of using the Fixeo system. The system is special in that it utilizes equipment that Infinity commonly uses in swing stage applications, but adds the stability and flexibility of mast climbing platforms. All in all, the access will consist of as many as six platforms of up to 50’ in length, that are able to climb up and down the 95’ elevation at 35 feet per minute. The system also has a foot print that is less than 3’ wide which is a great advantage in such a cramped environment.

Mortenson Selects Infinity for Access at the Mall of America
May 2014
Infinity will continue its long history of providing access solutions at the Mall of America with one of our most ambitious projects yet. Mortenson needs access to the ceiling and the skylights above the floor opening, and is generally the case at MOA during significant renovations, all access must be planned so that scaffold doesn’t extend to floors below, and with minimal sightline impact to the storefronts so tenant sales do not suffer. In the previous three “boulevards” at MOA (this is what they call the long corridors that connect the four anchor stores at the corners of the building), the opening distance between the walkways is approximately thirty feet, so our custom thirty-two-foot scaffold trusses can span the gap. The West Blvd has spans much longer, with the structural columns forty-two-feet apart. Infinity partnered with Advance Shoring of St Paul, to implement a plan for a 42’ x 150’ platform constructed using formwork aluminum trusses. Steel beams will be installed onto the existing columns, parallel to the floor opening, and the platform will actually roll on top of the beams. This will allow the platform to be relocated along the corridor as work progresses, accessing the nearly 600’ long corridor without having to dismantle the scaffold.

John A Dalsin & Son Roofing Partners with Infinity at Calhoun Beach Club
April 2014
To provide a safe working environment for their personnel, John A Dalsin and Son will be bringing Infinity with them to the site. Infinity will be providing roofline fall protection, with cantilevered access to the soffit beneath. The scope will include a total of 620 lineal feet of scaffold, 93’ high, and will include internal stair units for access, debris netting to protect workers and pedestrians below, and overhead protection at the entry points to the building. Also included in Infinity’s planning is the design and engineering to accommodate building scaffold from the 3 balconies as the work progresses around the building.

Infinity to Provide Access for the Glass and Architectural Sheetmetal Installation at the new Minnesota Multipurpose Stadium
March 2014
Interclad, Inc. and M.G.McGrath have selected Infinity to provide swing stage access to the exterior of the new home of the Minnesota Vikings for installation of the glass curtainwall and exterior wall panel systems. The work will continue through Spring 2016, and will involve one of the more complicated swing stage rigging and access solutions we’ve ever installed. Hundreds of pages of CAD drawings and countless meetings with the project management teams at Mortenson, McGrath and Interclad will be required prior to showing up on site to ensure safe and productive access for their personnel. ISI will also be providing scaffold access where appropriate and extensive material hoisting solutions, allowing both companies to meet the very demanding construction schedule put in front of them.

Kraus Anderson bring in Infinity Scaffold to Supply Shoring, Material Hoisting and Access at UTECH
December 2013
The project scope began with reshoring the parking garage to allow heavy equipment to drive over, and wall bracing in the underground parking to allow cranes to park just outside the foundation walls. Soon the project evolved to encompass a variety of the services we offer. We supplied ringlock stair towers in several locations to allow workers to enter the building at several different elevations, and swing stages to access the exterior of the building where lifts weren’t an option. One of the more interesting tasks we performed was to build a high-load scaffold system coupled with a rolling gantry hoisting system to allow Kraus Anderson to hoist personnel lifts from the alley up to the 2nd floor common areas.

Infinity Scaffold to Provide Large Area Work Platform, Material Hoisting at Northrop Auditorium
March 2013
J.E. Dunn has awarded Infinity Scaffold a contract to facilitate the interior portion of the renovation of this historic building on the University of Minnesota campus. ISI’s work on site will include a large-area work platform, or “dance floor,” providing ceiling access to multiple trades. The platform will be approximately 85’ high, 120’ wide and 80’ long, and will include a material hoist capable of bringing 1,200 lb. loads to the platform working surface. ISI will also provide a 40’ wide and 120’ long working platform and material hoisting solution that will be built through the structural steel 65’ above the stage. Various other projects will be undertaken on site by ISI, including several temporary debris chutes.

Infinity Continues to Add Capability
October, 2012
Infinity Scaffold continues to add capability by investing heavily in new equipment for its rental inventory. “By leveraging our considerable growth over the past four years, and effectively forecasting upcoming project needs, we have been able to invest intelligently in new equipment, which has vastly improved our capability to meet the growing demand for our services. In the past twelve months alone, we have increased our rental inventory by more than 48 percent. We have fostered critical partnerships with quality manufacturers, allowing us to procure equipment in a timely manner at a price point that gives us a great competitive advantage,” said Russ Byers, President of Infinity Scaffold.

Infinity Scaffold Announces a New Team Member
September, 2012
Infinity Scaffold has hired a new full-time warehouse team member in Greg Vanghen. In addition to Greg’s role in the warehouse, his experience as a commercial truck driver gives the company a much-needed second truck driver, acting as both a backup to our full-time driver and allowing us to expand the hours and flexibility in delivering equipment to our customers. This hire will have an immediate impact on Infinity’s ability to provide the highest level of service to its customer base.

Infinity Continues to Provide Scaffold for the Renovation of the Minnesota State Capitol Building
September, 2012
Infinity has been contracted by J.E.Dunn Construction to provide additional scaffold during the restoration of the exterior stone façade. The scaffold will serve as both access to all the wall surfaces and temporary weather enclosure for the trades performing the repairs. This phase of the project continues a four-year-long relationship Infinity has enjoyed with J.E.Dunn’s project management and site supervision team for the long-term restoration of this important and historic building.

Infinity Scaffold President Elected to the Board of Directors of ASA-MN
May, 2012
The Infinity group of companies is pleased to announce that Russ Byers, president of Infinity Scaffold, Inc. today was elected to the board of directors for the Minnesota Chapter of the American Subcontractor’s Association (ASA-MN). Infinity fully intends to continue to build on its relationship with this organization, as it offers a unique blend of educational opportunity for subcontractors and political and legal activism to ensure that subcontractor rights are being protected.

Infinity Scaffold Announces a New Team Member
April, 2012
Infinity Scaffold would like to announce the addition of its newest team member. Matt Rothbauer has joined the Infinity family as their newest Account Executive, bringing 15 years of construction sales and project experience to the relationship. His personality and enthusiasm will quickly make him a valued asset for both Infinity and his customers, as he manages accounts in the north Twin Cities metro area, taking over the sales territory previously managed by Russ Byers, prior to his promotion to President of the company.

Infinity Scaffold to Provide Scaffold for the Minnesota Orchestra Hall Addition and Renovation
March, 2012
Infinity Scaffold has been contracted by Mortenson Construction to provide scaffold rental and installation services for the Minnesota Orchestra Hall Addition and Renovation project. The scaffolding project, which will consist of seven or more independent phases, will include as its feature a large area scaffold filling the entirety of the performance hall, providing access to the ceiling for multiple trades to efficiently perform their work. This scaffold will fill an overall area 146’ long, 69’ wide, and 46’ tall. The project represents some very unique challenges with its downtown location, significant site work to the exterior premises, and large volume of equipment needed to fulfill the customer’s requests, but Infinity welcomes to continue their relationship with Mortenson and exceed their expectations.

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